Designing CX strategy to prepare for the challenges of 2021

The events of the past year accelerated emerging trends in customer experience, brands that are able to connect the right experience will undoubtedly benefit in customer loyalty. Forrester analysts predict that the number of businesses that will improve their CX quality will double compared with previous years.

Technology will play a large role in driving the revamped experience. Based on the latest CX trends and the changing customer behaviors, consider adopting multichannel CX platform integrations, multiexperience solutions, zero UI technology, robust data analytics, and solutions that support customer segmentation and personalization.

While consumers are generally ok with the increased volume of digital interactions with brands, a recent study discovered 67% of customers generally still want to speak directly to a person at some stage of their customer experience. Make sure your employees know how to utilize the data from CX platforms/tools to design tailored experiences that deliver a sense of empathy and support.

In 2021, CX will be about maintaining rapport with customers above all else. Investing in a comprehensive strategy including technology and people is a must but remember to put your customers at the heart of everything you do.

A new perspective can make all the difference.